Full Moon Fruition Spell

A full moon is the perfect time to bring things to fruition. If you have something in your life that is hanging in the balance, this is the spell for you.

  • Parchment seal
  • Dragon's or Dove's Blood ink
  • Brown Candle
  • Sprinkling Herbs or Spell Powder
  • Fireproof vessel


On the Full Moon, gather your ingredients. Your needs will dictate what Seal, herbs and Blood ink you need to use.

(eg. If you have a house closing that is just not going through, use a Parchment seal for earthly matters. Herbs could be powdered bay leaves or Earth Spell powder, and ink could be Dove's Blood.)

Carve into your candle three symbols for the Moon, light candle.

Write in Blood Ink on parchment seal your name and date of birth along with any other appropriate symbols.

Sprinkle a SMALL amount of herbs or Spell Powders on your parchment seal, focus on seeing your need fulfilled, light tip of seal in candle flame and place in vessel, and as it burns recite this incantation:

On this right and ready hour,
I call upon the mystic powers.
Secret parchment, ancient fires,
bring to me my heart's desire.
Let the wheels in motion roll,
All I seek will now unfold.

Let candle burn out or snuff before leaving.

~Written by Barbara Morris

Freezing Negativity Spell

To stop the negative actions of a misguided practitioner of magic, write his or her name on a piece of paper.

Place the paper in a jar, and fill it with water.

Place the jar in your freezer; as the water freezes, so will the ill actions of the negative practioner.

~by Gwydion O'Hara

The Nine Herbs Charm (modern English)

Remember, Mugwort, what you made known,
What you arranged at the Great proclamation.
You were called Una, the oldest of herbs,
you have power against three and against thirty,
you have power against poison and against infection,
you have power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.

And you, Plantain, mother of herbs,
Open from the east, mighty inside.
over you chariots creaked, over you queens rode,
over you brides cried out, over you bulls snorted.
You withstood all of them, you dashed against them.
May you likewise withstand poison and infection
and the loathsome foe roving through the land.

'Stune' is the name of this herb, it grew on a stone,
it stands up against poison, it dashes against poison,
it drives out the hostile one, it casts out poison.

This is the herb that fought against the snake,
it has power against poison, it has power against infection,
it has power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.
Put to flight now, Venom-loather, the greater poisons, though you are the lesser,
you the mightier, conquer the lesser poisons, until he is cured of both.

Remember, Chamomile, what you made known,
what you accomplished at Alorford,
that never a man should lose his life from infection
after Chamomile was prepared for his food.

This is the herb that is called 'Wergulu'.
A seal sent it across the sea-right,
a vexation to poison, a help to others.
it stands against pain, it dashes against poison,
it has power against three and against thirty,
against the hand of a fiend and against mighty devices,
against the spell of mean creatures.

There the Apple accomplished it against poison
that she [the loathsome serpent] would never dwell in the house.

Chervil and Fennell, two very mighty one.
They were created by the wise Lord,
holy in heaven as He hung;
He set and sent them to the seven worlds,
to the wretched and the fortunate, as a help to all.

These nine have power against nine poisons.
A worm came crawling, it killed nothing.
For Woden took nine glory-twigs,
he smote the the adder that it flew apart into nine parts.

Now there nine herbs have power against nine evil spirits,
against nine poisons and against nine infections:

Against the red poison, against the foul poison.
against the yellow poison, against the green poison,
against the black poison, against the blue poison,
against the brown poison, against the crimson poison.

Against worm-blister, against water-blister,
against thorn-blister, against thistle-blister,
against ice-blister, against poison-blister.

Against harmfulness of the air,
against harmfulness of the ground,
agaist harmfulness of the sea.

If any poison comes flying from the east,
or any from the north, [or any from the south,]
or any from the west among the people.

Christ stood over diseases of every kind.
I alone know a running stream,
and the nine adders beware of it.

May all the weeds spring up from their roots,
the seas slip apart, all salt water,
when I blow this poison from you.


Mugwort, plantain open form the east, lamb's cress, venom-loather, camomile, nettle, crab-apple, chevil and fennel, old soap;

pound the herbs to a powder,
mix them with the soap and the juice oaf the apple.

Then prepare a paste of water and of ashes,
take fennel, boil it with the paste
and wash it with a beaten egg when you apply the salve, both before and after.

Sing this charm three times on each of the herbs before you (he) prepare them,
and likewise on the apple.

And sing the same charm into the mouth of the man and into both his ears,
and on the wound, before you (he) apply the salve.

Stone Spell to Boost Productivity

To improve your own work productivity. Done during the waxing Moon.

  • a piece of hematite
  • a piece of quartz
  • a piece of calcite
  • a small basket or tray


Place one hematite in a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying:

Ground and heal, magnetic one; bring me clarity on this day.

Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say:

Bring boundless energy to me; may it last through this day.

Add a calcite and say:

Stone of joy and yellow light, help me sort through my work today.

Place the container of stones on your desk and say:

Help me work through this day; bring me inspiration. When the day is done, may the labor be finished.

From MojoMoon.net

Spell to Stop a Thief

Do this spell on a Saturday (ruled by Saturn).


  • a black candle
  • pin
  • olive oil
  • sea salt


Carve the person's name on the candle using the pin; or if you don't know their name, carve the word "thief".

Mix a good handful of salt with a cup of olive oil and allow the candle to soak in it for three hours.

Take the candle, wipe it down and carve out the bottom so the wick is exposed.

Stand the candle on its head and light the bottom wick. Gaze at the flame and concentrate as you say:

Thief, your deeds are no longer tolerated.
It's time for you to stop this behavior.
By this my will you shall cease
And restore in me a sense of peace.

Let the candle burn out and if you can, bury the stub near where the person lives; or simply bury or place (hidden, of course) where they most commonly commit their crime.

From MojoMoon.net

Spell to Increase Psychic Powers

Perform this spell three days before the moon is full, and preferably when it is in either the astrological sign of Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio.


  • strong tea including yarrow, mugwort, or anise
  • thirteen consecrated purple candles
  • scrying object (mirror, crystal ball, etc.)


Begin by brewing a strong magickal tea made from yarrow, mugwort or anise (herbs thought to stimulate the psychic senses) and then light thirteen purple-coloured consecrated candles to help attract pyschic influences.

Drink the tea and then gaze fixedly into a magick mirror, crystal ball, or crystal pyramid as you chant thrice the following incantation:

I invoke thee o Asarial, Archangel of Neptune and ruler of clairvoyant powers.
I ask thee now to open my Third Eye and show me the hidden light.

Let me see the future. Let me see the past.
Let me perceive the divine, kingdoms of the unknown.
Let me understand the wisdom of the mighty universe.
So mote it be.

After chanting, relax, breathe slowly, and concentrate on opening your Third Eye. Make sure that you do not permit any negative thoughts to contaminate your mind.

From MojoMoon.net

Spell to Find Lost Things


  • a piece of paper
  • a heavy object


Take a piece of paper, crease it, and write the name "Benedida" and what you have lost underneath the name. Wave the paper three times in the air, snap it shut (being careful not to open it, or else Benedida will escape).

Place it under a heavy object, a book, or something similar, and say:

Benedida, I will release you when the object is returned.

When you have found your lost item, release Benedida, and thank her for helping you retrieve the item.

From MojoMoon.net

Spell Paper Ritual

This spell can also be done outdoors.


  • a sheet of parchment or cotton paper
  • a pen in the ink color correlating with your need (red for love, green for money, purple for control, etc.)
  • a lighter (no matches--sulphur is for driving things away)
  • a cauldron or heatproof container


Go to your altar, a field, or any place you find relaxing. Think of the spell and what you want it to do. Think of every detail. Take the pen and paper write it down with that emotion and intent. Write from the heart and write it as many times as you feel necessary.

Take the paper with your positive hand (the hand you write with) and invoke the goddess and god by saying:

Ancient god and goddess,
Lords of the sun and moon,

Add to the power of my spell,
Make it strong and true.

Ask them to add to the power of your spell, then light the spell paper on fire and again hold the paper with your positive hand and say:

I ask the four elements to take my spell and make it so.

Let the flaming paper burn until you can no longer hold it. Let it fall to the cauldron or heatproof holder. Make sure nothing surrounding burns if you are outdoors. Once the paper has burned completely, take the ashes and scatter them to the four winds, saying:

May the four winds carry my wish
To the farthest reaches of my soul and back
With much success and speed.
So Mote it be!


A Prosperity Charm

  • five-leaf clover
  • laminate
  • waxed paper


Press a five-leaf clover (Trifolium spp.) between two heavy books. When it is flat and dry, (about one week), remove clover and laminate it. Cut out two pieces of waxed paper about two inches square. Sandwich clover between papers. Iron on low. Once cool, place pressed clover in a locket and wear every day or carry it in your wallet pressed between your paper money.

By Stephanie Rose Bird Conjur Craft: Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjuring for the 21st Century

Love Potion

  • 3 white cardamom pods
  • 2 c. red wine
  • a few orange slices


On a Friday evening of the new moon, cup three white cardamom pods in your hands, blow on them, kiss them, tell them to bring you love. Place cardamom in two cups of red wine with a few orange slices. Simmer, don't boil. (Prick your finger with a needle and add a few drops of blood to the potion, if your dare!) Sip this with the desired person.

By Stephanie Rose Bird Conjur Craft: Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjuring for the 21st Century

A Money Bag

High John the Conqueror Root embodies the spirit of a heroic, fearless survivor of slavery. High John the Conqueror represents courage, strength, bravery, and the spirit of hope.

Ingredients (bag):
  • High John the Conqueror root
  • 1 c. sunflower oil
  • 7 drops attar of roses (or) rose oil
  • nutmeg
  • cloves
  • 1 small cinnamon stick
  • 4x6" piece of green flannel
  • green cotton thread

Ingredients (food):
  • powdered peppermint
  • lime
  • dried basil
  • magnetic sand
  • sandalwood essential oil


Begin this work on the waxing moon on a Thursday. Carefully select a High John the Conqueror Root that calls out to your spirit. Using your dominant hand (the most powerful hand) put root in a cup of sunflower oil. (Sunflowers possess positive energy because of their intimacy with Sun Ra). Stir in seven drops of attar of roses (substitute rose fragrance oil if necessary). Roses are soothing, healing plants that help us to receive blessings from the universe. Cap tightly. Swirl daily for fourteen days. Blot excess oil. Place fragrant High John, nutmeg, some cloves, and small cinnamon stick inside a four-by-six-inch piece of green flannel. Dip sewing needle in the sunflower and rose oil blend. Sew flannel together with green cotton thread. Feed bag at the beginning of the waxing moon and on full moon.

Food: sprinkle bag with a blend of powdered peppermint, lime, and basil (dried), magnetic sand, and sandalwood essential oil. (Store blend in stainless steel container when not in use). You can also feed your money powdered High John root to draw prosperity or sprinkle it with basil.

By Stephanie Rose Bird Conjur Craft: Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjuring for the 21st Century

Spell for Prophetic Dreams

Poppy is used to induce trances or sleep and to reveal information while in a dream state. Bagels with their round shape and hole in the center symbolize the moon or feminine intuition.

  • 1 poppy seed bagel


Place a poppy seed bagel under your pillow at night. Take a bite first thing in the morning to remember your dream.

From MojoMoon.net

Simple Candle Sleep Spell

  • 1 white household candle


Take a white household candle and light it without a word. Walk counterclockwise around your bedroom three times. As you do this, project simple protective phrases into the walls, floors, and windows (such as "keep me safe"). Next, walk clockwise three times in silence, meditating on positive, restful phrases. Finally, blow out the candle, whisper the word "sleep" and turn in for the night.

Note that this spell does not need to be repeated to continue working. Instead, simply light the candle for a few minutes each night, then whisper "sleep" again before getting into bed. When the candle is completely spent, repeat the original spell with a new white candle.

From MojoMoon.net

Seven Job's Tears for Wishing

  • 7 Job's Tears
  • red mojo bag (or) small leather pouch


Carry 7 Job's Tears in a red mojo bag or small leather pouch in your pocket or around your waist, neck etc., or place the bag under your pillow until your wish comes true.

Carry 7 Job's Tears on your person for 7 days and on the 7th day throw them into running water over your left shoulder as you make your wish 7 times. Walk away without looking back.

From MojoMoon.net

Sandalwood for Wishing

  • parchment paper
  • sandalwood


Write your desire on a piece of parchment paper and burn sandalwood on top of it while concentrating on your wish coming true.

From MojoMoon.net

Runic Self-Improvement Spell

To gain wisdom and knowledge


  • 3 blue candles
  • Knowledge of the rune Ansuz
  • Knowledge of the rune Kenaz


Sit in a dark and quiet room and light the 3 blue candles. Place the candles close to you and each other, but not touching. Sit and meditate on the knowledge and wisdom you wish to know, and the knowledge and wisdom you already know.

Open your eyes and trace the rune Ansuz over the candles. Then trace Ansuz on your forehead (third eye), and chant:

I conjure the wisdom of the rune Ansuz.

Now trace the rune Kenaz over the candles and once again over your forehead as you did with the last, and chant:

I conjure the knowledge of the rune Kenaz.

Look up. If you have a specific question, ask it now. If not then return your head to normal position and proceed saying:

I conjure the rune of wisdom, power, occult,revenge,and healing. Ansuz! I conjure the rune of knowledge,learning, quest, and hereditary knowledge. Kenaz! Enlighten Me! Give me my knowledge! Give me my wisdom! Enlighten me!

Meditate on your knowledge and wisdom. During this meditation or in the future you will gain the knowledge and wisdom you need.

From MojoMoon.net

Correspondences: Single-Scent Oils

Single-scents used in the Hoodoo and Santo traditions.

All the above single scent oils can be used for anointing or scenting ritual candles and bath salts.

They may also be used to re-scent dream pillows, freshen potpourri, make your own oils, or simply worn as perfume. (Some best when diluted).

Other ways of using single-scent and essential oils:

Massage Oil - This is a great way of using single scent and essential oils. Place a couple of drops of your chosen oil or blend of oils into a suitable carrier oil and use as a massage oil.

Bath Oil - Place a couple of drops of your chosen oil or oils into a warm bath and relax.

Skin Lotion - Place a couple of drops of oil in a moisturizer and apply directly to the skin. Essential oils especially can be used in this way to treat a particular condition or just as a perfume.

Vaporize - An oil burner is a very easy way to use oils around the home or work place. The heated oil vaporises and fills the room with a subtle aroma.

Steam Inhalation - Placing a couple of drops of essential (not fragrant) oil into a bowl of very hot water is a great way to use oils especially if you have a cold, cough or breathing difficulties.

Floral Water - For oils that are steam distilled, the water left behind is known as floral water. Floral waters have the same scent as the essential oil and are wonderful for use on the skin, especially the face.

Compress - Essential oils can be applied either as a hot or a cold compress directly to the effected area (a bruise, for example). You can use a damp cloth that has been folded to a suitable size or you could use a compress of oats or bran inside an old stocking. Either of these options is particularly good for a hot compress.

Neat Application - Application directly to the skin is not recommended for a great number of oils. Always check the safety details for the particular oil you wish to use before doing this.

From MojoMoon.net

Red Rose Glamour Spell

  • 1 goblet of water (the prettier the glass the better)
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 1 red candle
  • 1 light blue candle
  • 1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results)
  • 1 round, hand-held mirror


Drop the pinch of sea salt into the glass of water and say:

Beauty be within me.
Beauty now set me free.

Carve the symbol of sex (intertwined male & female symbols) into the red candle. Carve a "mirror" symbol into the light blue one. Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red. Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection. Drop the rose petals one by one onto the mirror. After this is done, drink the water and say:

Beauty, beauty come to me.
Beauty, beauty set me free.

Let the candles burn down all the way.

From MojoMoon.net

Reaching Your Goals

This is a form of magic which can be used for just about anything.

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed and your arms extended outward. Your receptive hand (whichever hand you do not write with, usually the left) should be wide open, palm facing upward. Your projective hand (the hand you do write with, usually the right) should be in a fist. Close your eyes and imagine your goal.

Now visualize a bright red fire surrounding your receptive (open) hand. Feel the "warmth" of the energy. Imagine it flows up your arm and through your body into your projective hand (the closed hand). Continue letting energy flow from the red energy "flame".

Once the impulse hits you, and you feel the time is right, thrust both arms to the right (or left if you are left handed), opening up your projective hand as you do so. This motion should be similar to "throwing" the energy towards your goal. As you do this, announce in a commanding voice what will happen as a result of the energy release. (For example, if you used it to get a raise in payment at work, you could say "I will get a raise!")

Results, if successfully performed, will be almost immediate. With practice, this can work very well.

From MojoMoon.net

Charm for Lucid Dreaming

If you find you need a little help in lucid dreaming, or you want to learn the answer to a specific problem, this charm bag is a great tool. It soothes the waking mind and helps your sleeping mind to focus. The ingredients can also be used to fill a dream pillow as well.


Make or buy a light blue mojo or talisman bag. Put in a pinch or two of each of the following:

  • peppermint
  • cinnamon
  • lemon balm
  • calendula (marigold)
  • vervain
  • hops


During the full moon, put the bag together, then consecrate and charge it. Make certain it is tied tightly. Before sleep each night, rub the bag over your third eye (center of forehead) and concentrate on the question, problem or situation. Then place the bag under your pillow. Continue to concentrate on the situation as you drift off. When you wake, jot down whatever you remember in your dream journal.

Your question should be answered within the first few nights. This pouch can also help increase your skill at lucid dreaming, by keeping your mind focused on the fact that you are just dreaming.

From MojoMoon.net

Positive Action Spell

To be done under the full moon, preferably on a day of Mercury.


  • Red Candle
  • Precipitado Rojo (Rush) Oil


Inscribe your name or the phrase "Action be Swift" on the red candle and anoint with the Rush oil. Situate yourself with the moon shining on your altar or work area if possible. (If this is not possible, just visualize the moon.) Place the candle on your altar or work area and light. Speak the following words out loud or silently:

Tonight the Moon, tomorrow the Sun,
Let power build 'til my will be done.
Candle burn down, to send my desire,
Action be swift as the flames of this fire.

Let the candle burn down completely, preferably in sight of the moon.

From MojoMoon.net

Pond Divination

Ask the water yes or no questions. If you count an odd number of ripples the answer is yes, if it is even the answer is no.

From MojoMoon.net

Pathway to Success

This spell will give you a short lived window of opportunity to find the path to succeed in attaining that which you desire.

To be done between 8 and 9pm under a waxing moon.

  • sandalwood incense
  • anise oil
  • orange candle (for success)
  • red candle (for action)
  • orange cloth
  • piece of paper
  • pen


Lay out the orange cloth. Inscribe your desired success on the orange candle and your name and birthdate on the red candle. Anoint both with the anise oil. When your incense is smoldering and the candles lit, close your eyes and envision yourself attaining your goal. Keeping your eyes closed, take the pen and hold it in your hand over the piece of paper. You may feel warmness and tingling in your arm - do not be alarmed.

Now, keep your eyes closed and concentrate as one of two things will occur -your arm may begin to wander and move, making writings on the paper (automatic writing) or you will be given a very clear plan of action to write down manually.

Either through the automatic writing or through direct inspiration, you will be shown the way to success in that which you endeavor to achieve.

As with any spell, this will not work if you are not serious about it.

From MojoMoon.net

Morning Glory Wish Spell

Go outside at sunrise. Pick a morning glory or other flower associated with the movement of the sun. Make a simple wish upon it as the sun peeks over the horizon.

From MojoMoon.net


A spell to make you less noticeable. May not work for the less experienced.

Your eyes must be closed for you to do this. Visualize a white or black light (which ever one is more suitable) and visualize yourself inside that light. Now picture that light getting blurry and taking in the colors of the objects around you. See yourself getting blurry or being sucked into the light and the light taking on the form of the objects around you until you cannot see the light.

From MojoMoon.net

Inspiration Jar

To bring on inspiration. For creativity.

No moon cycle is selected for this spell because all phases of the moon hold different levels of creative energies, including the dark moon. If you follow moon phases, choose the cycle that fits your purpose best.


  • Mason jar
  • small crystal
  • dried orange peels (two-thirds)
  • dried mint (one-third)
  • 2 drops orange essential oil
  • 1 drop mint essential oil
  • square piece of black cotton fabric
  • rubber band
  • orange fabric or acrylic paint
  • ribbon


Gather ingredients. With a clean and dry jar before you, place the mint first and then the orange peels inside, filling it up about two-thirds of the way. Add two drops of orange essential oil and one drop mint essential oil. (More if you are using a large mason jar.) Stir ingredients together.

Take the small crystal in your hand and say something such as:

Creativity come to me
In whispers and dreams
And visions that gleam.

Place the crystal inside the jar with the potpourri. For the lid, cover the opening of the jar with black fabric so that the side of the fabric hangs down over the edges about 2 inches. With a pencil, mark the center top of the fabric. Take the fabric off the jar, lie it flat on a hard surface. Using orange paint, acrylic or fabric paint, paint on a spiral. While the paint is drying, cover the jar temporarily with a lid so that it doesn't spill.

Once the paint is dry, place the fabric on the jar once again. The spiral should now be on the centered top of the jar's mouth. Holding the fabric in place, wrap the rubber band around the sides to hold it in place.

Next, tie the orange ribbon overtop of the rubber band.Keep this inspiration jar in your work area, where you do your writing, painting, drawing or keep it by your bed to bring on inspiring dreams.

Note: The spiral is a symbol of the dance of life. It shows the continuous cycle of ourselves going inward (within ourselves/our psyche) and then going outward (expressing ourselves).

The black fabric in this spell is used as an absorption color. Black absorbs all colors, all energies. By placing the orange spiral on this we are signifying that those energies that the black is absorbing are creative energies.

From MojoMoon.net


This spell is used to burn objects without you lighting it.

  • object for burning
  • items representing each of the Five Elements (earth, air, fire water, spirit)


Made a circle out of the five elements. You need to have something that represents these qualities, such as different types of stones. Place the object in the middle. Ask the five powers to conform into the object and make it burn. If you concentrate on the object it will start to quiver, slowly at first and then faster and faster. It should burst into flames sending a quiet large flame in all directions. It is strongly recommended you do this with extreme caution.

From MojoMoon.net

Herbal Wish Spell

  • All that is needed for this spell is an herb appropriate to that which you are wishing for.


Hold the herb you have chosen in your palm and visualize in fine detail. Hold the herb up to your mouth and breathe upon it as if trying to "force" the wish through the herb with your breath then turn to the North and say:

King Boreas of the North Wind, by the powers of earth,
I call you to carry my wish to the Northern quarter,
And by the powers of the Gnomes, I ask that you bring me success.

Blow a quarter of the powdered herb from your palm in the direction of North.

Turn to the East and say:

King Eureus of the East Wind, by the powers of air,
I call you to carry my wish to the Eastern quarter,
And by the powers of the Sylphs, I ask that you bring me success.

Blow a quarter of the powdered herb to the East then turn to the South and say:

King Notus of the South Wind, by the powers of fire,
I call you to carry my wish to the Southern quarter,
And by the powers of the Salamanders, I ask that you bring me success.

Blow a quarter to the south then turn to the West and say:

King Zephyrus of the West wind, by the powers of water,
I call you
to carry my wish to the Western quarter
And by the powers of the Undines, I ask that you bring me success.

Blow the final quarter of herb to the west then leave the area without looking back, safe in the knowledge that the powers of the universe have taken your wish to the four winds.

From MojoMoon.net

Hair Magick for Confidence and Success

  • lemon juice
  • lavender


Wash your hair in a mixture of lemon juice and lavender and let it air dry before an important meet for added confidence and success.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make One Sleep

  • graveyard dirt


"Get a little graveyard dirt and put on a person, and when you put it on them... Get a little graveyard dirt and carry it, tie it up real tight and put it up under the pillow and let them sleep on it at night. And if he's got a wife and his wife wanted to go out, she would put it up under there and let him to go sleep. If he's got whiskey in him or anything, anything at all like whiskey on him she can go on off and stay just long as she wants. And when she comes back she'll pull it out and he wakes up. (That's to keep him asleep while she is gone)."
[Florence, S.Car. ]

From Harry Middleton Hyatt "Hoodoo--Conjuration--Witchcraft--Rootwork"

Correspondences: Animals

From MojoMoon.net



Badgers' teeth were and in some cases still are used in mojo bags. The badger is an awesome creature--low to the earth, adept at digging, and extremely aggressive when crossed. They are symbolic of the hunter/warrior spirit, since they can take on animals as ferocious as bears or dogs.

There are about fifteen subspecies of badger in the Americas. In West Africa, there is the species Mellivora capensis, also called honey badger or ratel. These guys have a skunk-like appearance--they have brown or black fur with a distinct white, pale yellow, or gray covering on top. Honey badgers are found in the Ituri forest of Northern Zaire.

A characteristic useful to consider regarding all species of badgers is that their skin is so tough that even a porcupine quill, African bee sting, or dog bite can barely penetrate their skin. They appear to be completely devoid of fear. They attack animals such as horses, antelope, cattle, even buffalo, although they are no larger than a raccoon.

Alligators and Crocodiles

Alligator teeth have been a component of mojo bags. Crocodiles are in a group of related reptiles called Crocodylidae who populate both the Americas and West Africa in the form of O. t. tetraspis and O.t osborni, also called West African Dwarf Crocodile and Congo Dwarf Crocodile. The American alligator and the West African Dwarf Crocodiles are crocodilians that share key characteristics admired by African warriors, hunters, and Hoodoos.

Crocodiles are tough, tenacious, cunning, and difficult to penetrate.


Raccoons are omnivores whose species lives in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. There is a great deal of folklore surrounding the raccoon in Native American folklore. The name raccoon is derived from the Algonguin word arachun, or "he who scratches himself". Other Native American words for raccoon indicate that they are considered witches, sorcerers, or demons.

The raccoon is another cunning survivor that we admire. The penis of the raccoon is sought after for love draw magic.


Snakes of various types have a prominent role in African myth, legend and everyday life. The qualities of snake that are admired are its ability to survive on land and in the water; its ability to camouflage itself and blend quietly into its environment; its ability to hunt and eat much larger, more powerful prey; and the potency of its venom.

Dr. Buzzard, a renowned Hoodoo, is remembered as someone who could implant snakes and other reptiles into his human victims with the power of his mind, handshake, or a blow of dust. This is a well-documented practice in Africa. Anthropologist and authors Paul Stroller and Cheryl Olkes document snake venom sorcery in their book, In Sorcery's Shadow (University of Chicago Press, Chicago, London, 1987), centered around the Republic of Niger.

The rattle of the rattlesnake is an emblem of ancient Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Isis. Isis used her sistrum, a rattlesnake-like rattle, to motivate gods and humans, to become active rather than passive. Isis, or Auset as she was called in Egyptian, brought the cobra into being. Snakeskin and rattlesnake rattles are used in various Hoodoo formulas, including the infamous Gopher's Dust.

Fascinating histories, traits, and mythology aside, my advice in utilizing animals to conjure is to work with the animals without taking their lives. You can find a snakeskin, fallen feathers, found skulls, and deceased alligators, raccoons, and badgers to utilize their various parts. You can use a sistrum in ceremony and rituals to capture the power of snakes. If you eat meat, collect and then bleach (to sanitize) bones and feathers from your meals and use them in mojo bags.

By Stephanie Rose Bird Conjur Craft: Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjuring for the 21st Century

For Sleeping

"Take graveyard dust, sprinkle it over your hair. That will make you sleep."
[Vicksburg, Mis.]

From Harry Middleton Hyatt "Hoodoo--Conjuration--Witchcraft--Rootwork"

General Glamour Spell

  • four pink candles
  • a handheld mirror
  • Love Drawing oil


Anoint the candles with the oil and place on the floor so that they form a large circle around you with one candle in each direction (North, South, East and West). Light the candles.

As the candles burn, sit and stare deeply into the mirror. Visualize the change you want. When you have a strong picture of what you want in your mind, recite this incantation aloud:

Sacred flame, as you dance
Call upon my sacred glance

Call upon my second sight,

Give me
(what you want) with your light
Blessed flame, shining bright,

Give me now my second sight.

Powers that be, let them see, let them see.

From MojoMoon.net

Full Moon Wishing

  • (9) pennies


Take nine pennies outside during the full Moon. Face the Moon and let Her light shine upon you. Open your arms as if to embrace the Moon and make your request. Then say:

You have said that when you're round,
Prayers are answered, chains unbound.

You promise that by light of You,

All ones wishes shall come true.

Toss the pennies in Her direction, then chant:

Please take this token of my love,
As Your silver light shines from above.

Please bring me what I ask of You,

By darkest night and morning dew.

Thank the Moon and leave.

From MojoMoon.net

For a Productive School Day

Before heading to school, sit cross-legged facing East and say:

Oh Goddess of Wisdom, be with me this day,
As I go forth to seek knowledge,
Guide my path and let my mind be open.
So mote it be!

From MojoMoon.net

Fire Ball

  • items representing each of the Five Elements (earth, air, fire water, spirit)
  • a candle
  • a mind or concentration spell


Made a circle out of the five elements. You need to have something that represents these qualities, such as different types of stones. Light a candle in the center of the circle and envision an imaginary ball about the size of a basketball. Using a mind or concentration spell, concentrate on the flame. The flame of the candle will burst upwards, and where the imaginary ball was, there will be a full sized flame ball. You can release it in the shape you want, but be careful in a contained area.

From MojoMoon.net

Cleansing Bath Spell

This recipe is used to unhex or unvex yourself. It can also be used to remove any sort of obstacle from your path.

  • (10) bay leaves
  • (1) lemon
  • flour
  • (3) fistfuls of sea salt


Simply add nine bay leaves, the juice of a whole lemon, three fistfuls of sea salt, and a sprinkling of flour to a full tub. You want to make sure the cleansing is thorough. As you sit in the tub, chew on a bay leaf and meditate on the source of your problems. Answers or messages should come. You must sit in the tub for at least ten minutes and immerse yourself completely three times. Do not towel off but allow yourself to air dry.

Note: Some interesting info that was included with this spell. I think it is Chandralyn’s doing: Bay is ruled by the Sun and is used for protection and purification. In ancient Greece, the priestesses of the Delphic oracle would chew bay leaves to open their psychic channels. In Rome, bay was used to ward off evil and is still burned or scattered in modern exorcism rites. During the Middle Ages, bay was used to protect against witchcraft. You can carry three leaves in your pocket if you feel someone is actively working magic against you. Flour is used for purification and stabilization. The combination of lemon and salt is used to drive away evil.

From MojoMoon.net

A Spell To Have a Long Life

To be done in a forest.


  • a penny


Go into a woods that contain any combination of oaks, elms, and maples. Find, as near as you can tell, the oldest tree in the center. Bury, deep and as near to the roots of the tree as you can, a penny.

Upon the trunk of the tree, trace out, with your finger, and as you say it aloud, the following:

Ancient tree, I offer thee
This mortal coin as gift and sign
Guard my fate both soon and late,
And let my rust grow green at last.

Place a stone over the burial site, and leave undisturbed for one month and a day. Return to the tree and dig up the coin. If the coin has turned green, the forest's life span will be your own.

From MojoMoon.net

Eye Color Change Spell


  • a candle of the color you want to change your eyes to. (More can be used or added "oomph").
  • a pentacle


Light the candle(s), sit in front of it/them and chant three or more times:

1, 2, 3, change for me, 1, 2, 3, (present color) to (color you want them to change to) let me see.

Take a deep cleansing breath while envisioning yourself with the new colored eyes then chant 3 or more times:

By the power of three, let it be seen.

Again visualize your eyes changing color then check in the mirror.

Note: This spell may last a day or so if only using one candle.

From MojoMoon.net

Driftwood Wish Spell


  • driftwood
  • carving utensil


Get a small piece of driftwood. On it write/carve your wish. Turn your back to the waves, throw the wood over your left shoulder for luck. Let the sea carry your desire to its goal.

From MojoMoon.net

Dogwood Wish Spell

Pick a dogwood flower at midnight on Midsummer Eve. As you do, whisper your wish to the spirit of that plant.

From MojoMoon.net

Diana Wish Spell

You may use this only three times in between each new moon.

Gaze at the moon and repeat:

Moon, moon, beautiful moon
Brighter than any star
Goddess of light and love
Diana if it might be
Pray bring ____ unto me.

From MojoMoon.net

Artist's Inspiration Spell

This is a simple spell to bring you divine inspiration to write and create visual art.

  • Pen, pencil, or paintbrush depending on the art form.
  • Elmer's glue
  • Silver glitter
  • Almond, sage, or vanilla essential oil
  • A white candle


Anoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen and using an athame or a small, sharp tool, inscribe the name "Brighid" (goddess of poetic inspiration), or if you prefer not to invoke a deity, simply inscribe your art form which you need inspired in. Light your candle and begin.

Squeeze some glue onto a piece of scrap paper and dip the end (not the useable part) of your craft tool (pencil, paintbrush, or whatever) into it, covering about an inch's worth. Then roll the end in the glitter so that it is completely covered. As you do, focus on the inspiration you seek. Say your own blessing over the tool, then situate it so that it can dry without the glittered end getting smooshed.

The next day, make a few attempts at your art with your newly enchanted tool in hand. Let the inspiration come to you and flow from your mind to your material!

From MojoMoon.net

Correspondences: Angels

From MojoMoon.net

Get What You Wish For

  • Horseshoe
  • "Make your Wish" Oil
  • Red household or votive candle
  • Parchment paper
  • Dove's Blood Ink (or red ink pen)
  • Heat-proof container or cauldron


Place you candle in the center of a table in a darkened room.Take the horseshoe and put it around the candle. On the parchment paper, write what it is you want using Dove's blood ink or a red ink pen. As you write, chant the following:

What I want, I write here
Please take my dream and bring it near

What I want, I hope to get

Let all my dreams now be met.

Take the paper and fold it three times towards you and place it under the candle. Let the candle burn down completely and when almost spent, burn the paper in the flame of the candle as you picture yourself with your wish fulfilled. Scatter the ashes at your doorstep to signify good things coming to you.

From MojoMoon.net

"Crossing Paths" Spell

On a night during the Waxing Moon, and preferably when the moon is in the phase of Gemini (for communication) gather the following ingredients and go to a place where you can be alone for at least 30 minutes.

  • yellow candles
  • yellow or white thread
  • needle
  • picture of yourself
  • picture of intended
  • magnet or lodestone


Light the candles and hold the pictures within your hands and chant this charm:

Image of me, image of you, coming together, forming two.

As you say this,cut the images so the two of you are not part of the orignal photos any longer. The pictures are then sewn together with the needle and thread. The new photo is then placed on your altar, and atop should be placed a lodestone or magnet to draw the two of you together.

On the Full Moon of that month, light a yellow candle and place the charm underneath the candle to work your magick. Say this to release the spell:

A picture of you, a picture of me,
A picture of us, together shall be.
Come, if you will, to be with me,
This is my will, so mote it be.

Now that the magickal part is done, you must work the mundane part. Write or call and ask to meet them. If they are not receptive to your offer, try again another time. This spell is not meant to force the person to do anything they aren't willing to do so just let them know that your offer is always open.

From MojoMoon.net

"Come to Me" Love Spell

Best begun on a Friday of the waxing (new to full) moon.


  • red (passion) or pink (romance) household candle
  • "Come to Me" or other drawing oil
  • "Come to Me" or other drawing incense

Carve name of person desired on candle and anoint with oil. Light incense, then candle. Burn candle once a day for 10 minutes a day until candle is gone. While doing so visualize your target coming to you as you desire. Repeat over and over again the following as you visualize your desire and look into the flame, seeing the target's face:

(Target's name)....Seek me out, come to me in voice or flesh
Hear this call of heart and mind, oh lover of mine
Let the forces that be go forth and make this a reality
By heaven and earth, by stone and fire, bring unto me my heart's desire.

: Red candles work much quicker. If you think that you need more power you can add a domination/controlling oil to the red candle. Also,you can do this spell every day until you get what you want if it is not manifesting right away.

From MojoMoon.net

To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted Admirer

To be done during the waning phase of the moon.

  • dry vervain leaves
  • bonfire


Have a roaring fire going then go outside and pick up two handfuls of dry vervain leaves(you can place them on the ground ahead of time to stay accurate to the legend,if necessary). As you pick them up shout out the name of the one you wish to be rid of . Turn and go into the house (or cross to the fire if this is all done out of doors.) and fling the leaves into the fire with the words:

Here is my pain, take it and soar.
Depart from me now and offend me no more.

Do this for three nights in a row. You will hear no more from the unwanted one.

By Raymond Buckland "Secrets of Gypsy Love Magick"

To Make Someone Leave You Alone

  • patchouli oil
  • handkerchief
  • envelope and postage


Anoint a handkerchief or small doily with patchouli oil, while saying:

(Name of person), go away.
Out of my life, forever stay.

Mail it to the person in question. Do not put a return address on the envelope.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make a Person Move

  • an egg

You wait until night after they have gone to bed, and then throw an egg over the top of their house and let it break anywhere. As you do this, say: "you son of a bitch, go!" and the next morning they will move.

From MojoMoon.net

To Keep a Person Away

  • a broom

Keep your broom by your door. Every time the person leaves, take the broom and stand it up in his trail and let it fall in the same direction as he went.

From MojoMoon.net

To Sweep a Person Away

  • a tsp of table salt
  • a broom

As the person leaves your house, sprinkle a teaspoonful of table salt in his trail. Take you broom and sweep the salt out of the house, call his name (quietly) and wish that he not return.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make a Person Go

  • graveyard dirt


Take graveyard dirt and sprinkle in in all the corners of the person house. If you cannot gain admittance to the house, throw it on his front walk.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make a Person Depart

  • a black candle
  • a picture of St. Michael

In New Orleans one is likely to seek the help of St. Michael for evil and to burn a black candle in front of his picture while praying for the departure of a person.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make a Person Go Away

  • a black candle
  • water and sugar (or) honey (or) a sweet-smelling oil


Take a black candle and inscribe the person name on it three times, starting from the bottom so that the name "goes away" from you. Dress the candle with water and sugar, or with honey, or with a sweet smelling oil. Burn the candle for 30 minutes on each of three consecutive mornings.

From MojoMoon.net

To Send a Person Away

  • a rotten egg


Obtain a rotten egg and write on it nine times the name of the person you want to send away. Also write where or how far away you want him to go. At midnight take it to the person's home and throw it against his door.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make a Person Leave Town

  • an egg


It is necessary to go to the place where the enemy gets his water--a pump or hydrant, in a rural area or his own sink elsewhere. Draw some of that water and as the sun rises throw the water as far away from you as possible. Then break an egg on the ground. In three days the person will leave town.

From MojoMoon.net

To Make an Individual Move


  • dirt from four cemeteries
  • dirt where two dogs have fought together
  • "Hot Foot" or "Get Away" powder
  • black 7-day candle
  • "Hot Foot" or "Get Away" oil
  • the Prayer of the Intranquil Spirit


Mix dirt from four cemeteries and dirt where two dogs have fought together in a mixing bowl. Add some "Hot Foot" or "Get Away" powder to the mixture.

Light a black 7 day candle instilled with "Hot Foot" or "Get Away" oil by the mixing bowl and recite the Prayer of the Intranquil Spirit. Instill a bit of the oil in the candle daily and recite the prayer. On the eighth day, sprinkle the contents of the bowl on the person's property or where they are sure to walk over it.

By Carlos Montenegro "Santeria: Candles Herbs Incense Oils"

Spell to Make an Enemy Leave

  • white parchment
  • photo of your enemy
  • name (and birthdate, if possible) of enemy
  • one bottle 4 Thieves Vinegar


When the Moon is waning, write the full name and birthdate (if you know it) of your enemy on a white parchment, and roll it up together with a photo of the person, if you have one. Place the parchment and photo inside a bottle of 4 thieves vinegar, and throw it into a moving body of water, such as a lake or river. Visualize your enemy moving far away from you, and never bothering you.

From MojoMoon.net

A Healing (or Banishing) Spell

This spell can be used for a variety of banishing needs: banishing illnesses, bad habits, negativity, etc.

  • carbon or flash paper
  • business size envelope
  • a slip of paper that will fit in the envelope
  • appropriate herbs (choose):
healing: eucalyptus, rosemary, sandalwood, juniper, thyme, willow
banishing: basil, asafoetida, valerian, black pepper, patchouli, agrimony, acacia, cypress
  • 2 appropriately colored candles (choose):
healing: pale blue
banishing: black, Fast Action (red)
  • appropriate anointing oil (choose):
healing: eucalyptus, rosemary, sandalwood
banishing: basil, cypress, acacia, frankincense
  • appropriate incense
  • cheap black ink pen


At the full moon anoint and charge the candles with the essential oil and bless and charge the herbs you are going to use. Surround the base of the candles with the appropriate herbs and light the candles, cast your circle or otherwise prepare for magick as you normally would.

Cut a human figure out of the carbon paper (designed appropriately as specifically male for men,female for women) that will fit inside the envelope. Of course, if you need to, you can use a larger envelope but the business size is generally sufficient.

Lay the figure on the slip of paper between the candles, charge and name it as the individual and with intent write on the figure what you are working on. Such as, if the spell is to heal an illness you might simply write whatever that illness is, in example: "cold/flu." You might also write it over the appropriate body part, such as if it is a head cold write it on the head. If it's to overcome an addiction to cigarettes you might write "cigarettes" on the chest (or where ever you identify most with smoking) and even add a cigarette in the envelope! Be creative with it.

Charge both the paper and the doll with intent, by the elements, etc., and place them and some of the herbs in the envelope and seal it up. Lay it between the candles and allow them to burn until half gone charging and meditating on the purpose of the spell all the while! Store the candles somewhere secure to use later when finishing the spell. Then place the envelope under the mattress of the "ill" person or recipient of the spell if possible. You may also, if it is not possible to put it with the person, place it behind a picture of the person in a frame; inside of a book they gave you, etc. You can also include nail and hair clippings if you like or what you will. Let this stay undisturbed for as long as needed but it should not exceed one full lunar cycle.

When the magick has run it's course and the deed is accomplished, or when the cycle is done, light the remainder of the candles and set your circle or prepare as you did before. Then open the envelope and put everything on your altar, between the candles in a fire proof bowl. First burn the slip of paper with the writing along with the herbs and the hair, nails, etc., if you included them in the spell, then burn the doll. As the doll burns it will turn from black to white (great sympathetic stuff here)! As you burn these things be sure to keep focused on the intent (such as banishing the illness, visualize the person whole and healthy, no longer addicted, etc.) Scrape all of the ashes back into the envelope and use some of the candle wax to seal it up again. You can carve symbols in the wax if you like.

Be sure to get rid of EVERYTHING which you used with this ritual (candle nubs, any remaining bits of herbs, the pen, etc., you should not have to get rid of the incense or oil as you should have used it anyhow). Bury or otherwise dispose of the envelope, far away from anyone’s home or property.

Flash paper (the kind magicians use) is great to use for the paper, just be sure the paper is safely in the dish before lighting it! This shows the problem properly vanishing in a flash and the doll burns removing the black and turning to white.

From MojoMoon.net

"Go Away" Candle Spell

To get people to move away and/or simply get out of your vicinity.

  • black household candle
  • "Hot Foot" or "Get Away" oil and powder
  • a rusty nail
  • 7 pins or needles
  • parchment paper


Inscribe the target's name on the candle with the nail and dress with oil. Insert the pins or needles at equal intervals through the candle and sprinkle the candle with powder.

On the paper write the targets name 7 times in red ink. Across their name write what you want them to do. (Move away, stay away, get a new job etc.). Place the paper under the candle and light the candle. Burn the candle until the first needle falls, all the while concentrating on what you want to happen to this person and then extinguish the candle. Take the needle and place in the paper in the shape of a cross. By the end of the ritual you should have three crosses in the paper with the middle one "doubled" or using 3 needles like this one.

Repeat this ritual every night using more oil and more powder until the candle has burned down completely and all the pins have been used. On the last night,before it has burned down completely,use it's last flickering light to burn the parchment,needles and all. Place the ashes in a a piece of paper and mix with a bit more oil and powder then sprinkle in the front yard of the person you are trying to drive away.

Variation: place the mixture in a dram bottle and bury it where you know the person is going to be crossing. Place the oil on doorknobs and/or car handles that you know the target will come in contact with while the job is being done.

From MojoMoon.net